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The Basque Youth Observatory

The BYO's Documentation Centre: Reading Guides

These are compilations of books, journal articles and other information resources related to a given topic. You can consult them via links and, if they do not have links, you can request them from the Documentation Centre in person, by telephone or by e-mail. 


Topic: Sexist violence (pdf, 214 KB)

Topic: Sexting (pdf, 304 KB)

Topic: Drugs (pdf, 326 KB)


Topic: Gender violence (pdf, 326 KB)

Topic: Transsexualism and sexual diversity (pdf, 365 KB)

Topic: Drugs (pdf, 347 KB)

Topic: 'How to connect with young people in the digital world?' (pdf, 793 KB)

Topic: Emotional Intelligence in action (pdf, 221 KB)

Topic: Bibliography on youth and employment (pdf, 262 KB)

Topic: Preventing male gender violence. Beldur Barik Programme (pdf, 461 KB)

 Topic: cybersex, sexting and pornographication of intimacy (pdf, 178 KB)

Topic: Non-substance Addictions (pdf, 354 KB)


Topic: Transsexualism and sexual diversity (pdf, 461 KB)

Topic: Paticipation (pdf, 390 KB)

Topic: World Book Day (pdf, 355 KB)

Topic: Emotional Intelligence in action: tools for a better relationship with youth (pdf, 282 KB)

Topic: Drogas (pdf, 322 KB)


Topic: Emotional Intelligence in action: tools for a better relationship with youth (pdf, 461 kb)

Topic: Youth participation (pdf, 292 kb)

Topic: Preventing violence in teen couple (pdf, 556 kb)

Topic: ICT in the care of youth sexuality: reality and potential (pdf, 163 kb)



Topic: Gender violence (pdf, 288 kb)

Topic: Peace and coexistence (pdf, 183 kb)

Topic: Youth, equality and sport (pdf, 417 kb)

Topic: 'How do young people create and manage their digital identities?' (pdf, 322 kb)Juventud y redes sociales (pdf, 284 kb)

 Topic: Drogas (pdf, 165 KB)

 Topic: Ciberbullying (pdf, 411 kb)



 Topic: Emakumeen kontrako biolentzia / Violencia contra las mujeres (pdf, 577 kb)

 Topic: Gazte ekintzaileak / Juventud emprendedora (pdf, 402 kb)

 Topic: Sexismo y violencia contra las mujeres (pdf, 800 kb)

 Topic: Drogas y juventud (pdf, 308 kb)

 Topic: Diversidad sexual (pdf, 388 kb)

 Topic: Immigrant youth (pdf, 4208 kb)

 Topic: Youth Entrepreneurship (pdf, 375 kb)

 Topic: Immigrant youth (pdf, 438 kb)

 Topic: Mujeres; jóvenes (pdf, 372 kb)

 Topic: Nuevas tecnologías en educación (pdf, 303 kb)

 Topic: Juventud y nuevas tecnologías (pdf, 388 kb)

 Topic: Gestión de conflictos (pdf, 321 kb)

 Topic: Education for peace (pdf, 321 kb)

 Topic: Human Rights (pdf, 2653 kb)

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