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Fecha de publicación: 13/06/2017

The Basque Youth Observatory is presenting the Europe Destination Guide 2017

Europe Destination Guide 2017The 'Europe Destination Guide 2017' will help you prepare your trip, learn languages, find a job in another country, apply for a scholarship, participate in youth exchange programmes, validate your qualifications or prepare your European curriculum vitae. 

As in previous years, the Basque Youth Observatory has commissioned the expert in international mobility, Antonio Jesús Rodríguez Martínez, who has added 424 new references to this sixth edition. There are now 2,674 active links to websites we have compiled and organised so that you will not miss any opportunity. 

What are you going to find in the Europe Destination Guide 2017?

  • HOW TO FIND A JOB IN THE EU provides information on the European Job Mobility Portal, EURES, coordinated by the European Commission, in addition to a comprehensive collection of European employment portals, portals classified by professions, employment resources for young people and websites where you can look for a job country by country.
  • WORK DURING YOUR HOLIDAYS: Do you need to work this summer? We shall provide links to many sites that offer jobs on cruise ships, in tourist entertainment, hotels, theme parks, adventure sports and even on farms.
  • “AU-PAIR”: Everything you need to work as an au pair abroad. Documentation, resources, contracts and offers.
  • LEARN LANGUAGES: Courses, scholarships and grants, as well as a list of agencies dedicated to combining language learning and employment, internships and all kinds of activities. We recommend the "Languages and Employment" section and a special section if you want to teach Spanish in Europe.
  • STUDYING IN THE EU: Comprehensive description of the possibilities of training in another European country, approval of qualifications, including the new European professional card, as well as educational mobility programmes that allow you to study abroad on scholarships.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS AND INTERNSHIPS: The largest collection of scholarships in European and international institutions as well as a scholarship and internship search engine in public and private institutions. There is also a list of internships in international agencies divided by sectors. Access to the more than 200 European companies where you can apply for an internship.
  • In addition, you will find a chapter dedicated to the European ERASMUS+ programme, which includes Erasmus scholarships, student mobility, youth exchange programmes, the European Voluntary Service, language support...
  • And another focused on VOLUNTEERISM, WORK CAMPS and YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES with a wide range of possibilities and information on the European Voluntary Service so that you can become a volunteer in only 6 steps.
  • And if what you want is to TRAVEL, you have all the practical information you need; resources for travelling, apps and tourist information, flights and cheap accommodation, tourist guides and information on your rights and how to assert them.

This guide is a tool that complements the work performed by the professionals in youth services and in Youth Information Network offices in the Basque Country.

The guide is now available for download in pdf format, in the Basque language (pdf, 2 Mb) or in Spanish (pdf, 2 Mb), at the Basque Youth Observatory website.

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