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The Basque Youth Observatory is publishing 'Youth Indicators 2017', a new and updated edition of its Basque youth indicators

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Youth Indicators 2017. Overview of Basque Youth

On this occasion "Youth Indicators. Overview of Basque Youth" is being presented as an interactive database with more than 100 indicators on youth-related issues. It is divided into seven sections: demographics, education, employment and economic status, emancipation and housing, health, leisure, culture and sports, and values and attitudes. In each of these sections, in addition to the basic data and their evolution, you can find breakdowns by sex, province, or age groups, comparisons with other autonomous communities in Spain or with other EU countries, etc. These data can be downloaded as tables, maps or charts.

This edition includes new indicators, such as the daily consumption of digital entertainment, the number of young people who receive a Guaranteed Income Supplement, the number of doctoral theses successfully defended, etc., which, added to the previous indicators, totalled 116 in 2017.

The information presented is taken mainly from official statistical sources and studies conducted by the Basque Youth Observatory.


Basque Youth Observatory

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