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Basque youth still prefer to go to university than take vocational training courses

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Eight out of ten Basque youths under the age of 25 are studying (78.5%). More specifically, 14.8% are completing their secondary education (Obligatory Secondary Education) or equivalent studies (Basic Level Vocational Training or Initial Vocational Training Programmes). Another 14.1% are in 6th Form. 8.8% are taking medium level vocational courses and another 10.7% are studying higher level vocational training. One fourth, 25.1% are at university and the remaining 5.0% are taking other types of courses, languages, etc.

Of the 21.5% that are not studying, 15.8% are working, 3.5% are unemployed, and 2.2% are in other situations.

On-going studies by Basque youths aged 15 to 24 (%)

If we add up the percentage of people in 6th Form and at university, we obtain a total of 39.2%. On the other hand, if we add up the percentages of people who are taking medium and higher level vocational courses, the total is 19.5%. Consequently, we find that twice as many students are at university or preparing for university (i.e. 6th Form) than those who have decided to take the vocational training route.

The decision to take vocational training courses is still greater among men than women. 24.7% of young men aged 15 to 24 have chosen medium or higher level vocational training courses compared to 14.1% of women in the same age group. On the other hand, 47.1% of girls are studying 6th Form or are at university compared to 31.6% of young men.

These data come from a survey conducted by the Basque Youth Observatory in late 2017 in which 800 young people aged 15 to 24 living in the Basque Country were interviewed.

The  Basque Youth Observatory

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