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In 2019, 63% of Basque youths said they trusted the European Union; the highest figure ever recorded

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9 May, Europe Day

Europe Day is held on 9 May to commemorate 9 May 1950, when Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, issued the so-called Schuman Declaration, in which he set out his idea of a new form of political cooperation in Europe that would make another war unthinkable.

On the occasion of this celebration, the Basque Youth Observatory would like to provide some information on the level of trust that Basque youths have in the European Union.

In 2019, 63% of young people in the Basque Country aged 18 to 29 said they trusted the European Union. The trust displayed by young people was slightly greater than the level of trust, on average, of the Basque population aged 30 and over (56% said they trusted the EU).

In addition, the level of trust of young people in the EU has increased significantly in recent years and, in 2019, reached its highest value in the series.

Evolution of trust in the European Union displayed by young people aged 18 to 29 (% of people who trust the EU)

If we look at the answers given by young people in 2019 based on sex, age and territory of residence, we find that a majority in all the groups said they trusted the European Union; nevertheless, we are going to highlight some differences. Young women trust the EU more than young men (66% and 60% respectively). Age hardly makes any difference, as 64% of people aged 18 to 24 say they trust the EU, as do 61% of people between the ages of 25 and 29. Finally, we can point out that young people living in Álava display the highest level of trust in the EU (68%) and the lowest is found among young people in Bizkaia (59%).

Basque youths aged 18 to 29 who stated they trusted the European Union in 2019 by groups (%)

These data have been studied by the Basque Youth Observatory based on data provided by the Sociological Survey Office of the Presidency of the Basque Government, more specifically the Basque Sociometer Report 69 (leiho berri batean irekitzen da).

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