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24 October, International Libraries Day

Publication date: 

The Basque Youth Observatory has a Documentation Centre specialised in youth which is integrated in the Basque Public Reading Network. Our documentation centre offers books on loan, which can be requested both directly from our headquarters (at Huertas de la Villa, 11, Bilbao) and from any other library belonging to the network.

Our catalogue currently contains 4,578 books. This documentary collection is increased every year with the acquisition of more than 100 new copies.

The Basque Youth Observatory also subscribes to 48 magazines, some in electronic format and others in paper format, which are not offered for loan, but can be consulted directly at our headquarters.

Every month we publish on our website a list of the new books acquired, the indexes of the new copies of the magazines under subscription, a list of articles published on the Internet in relation to youth, which we classify by subject, as well as a summary of outstanding articles from among those published in our magazines or on the Internet.

In addition, the documentation centre produces reading guides related to the topics of the training courses offered by the Basque Youth Observatory. These reading guides are also available on the Observatory's website.