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Two out of three young people in the Basque Country trust in the European Union (68%). 2022, European Year of Youth

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This year the European Union is paying special attention to youth. The aim is to integrate young people and their priorities at all levels of the decision-making process and to organise activities and programmes focused on youth.

At the Basque Youth Observatory, we wanted to provide an overview of the level of confidence of young people in the Basque Country in the European Union. To do so, we have taken as a basis the results of the study "Basque Sociometer No. 74" that the Basque Government's Sociological Prospecting Office published in autumn 2021. This study was based on a survey which, among other questions, asked about confidence in the European Union. According to the results of this survey, two out of three young people in the Basque Country aged between 18 and 29 (68%) trust the EU.

The percentage of young people who trust the EU is higher than the general average of the Basque population (59%); in fact 18-29 year olds are the age group that shows the greatest confidence in Europe.

Percentage of people in the Basque Country who trust the European Union, according to age groups

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