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Course: 'Digitalisation in the Experience of Sexuality'

Publication date: 

The course will be held in Bilbao on 15 and 22 February, and the registration period will run from 25 January to 1 February 2023

Course: Digitalisation in the Experience of Sexuality

The Basque Youth Observatory is organising a course titled ‘Digitalisation in the Experience of Sexuality’. The course will be prepared and delivered by RAÚL MARCOS ESTRADA - Sexologist and psychologist at Centro Sexológico Emaize.

The general goal of the course is to analyse processes in people’s experience of sexuality that have been affected by digital technology.

Other goals:

  • Understand how the new digital dimension that people have developed affects their experience of sexuality.
  • Reflect on the relationship between sex education and digital education so we can digitise the education agenda.
  • Provide educational tips and guidelines for educators so that they can adequately support the people they educate and take these digital aspects into account.

Leaflet available in Basque and Spanish. The course will be delivered in SPANISH.

  • Venue: Bilbao, OVJ. Huertas de la Villa, 11 – bajo
  • Date: 15 and 22 January 2023
  • Timetable: 09:00 to 12:00
  • Registration period: from 25 January to 1 February
  • Vacancies: 20 people 

Please note registration deadlines and the number of vacancies! The course is free.

To register, please fill in the following FORM, which will be activated on 25 January. (Please check your data and, if correct, click Confirm pre-registration”).

  • The registration period will be from 25 January to 1 February
  • Vacancies: 20 people


 94 4031645

Profile of participants: Priority will be given to people who work or cooperate with young people (in agencies, associations, public administrations, companies, educational centres, volunteers...) Registration order will also be taken into consideration

  • Men and women dedicated to youth-related work (Youth Information, town councils, provincial councils and other entities)
  • Educators
  • Mentors at secondary schools