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Course: 'Youth and Technology: Surfing the Digital Tsunami'

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Gazteak eta teknologia: tsunami digitala surfeatuz

The Basque Youth Observatory is organising a course titled ‘Youth and Technology: Surfing the Digital Tsunami’. Naiara Pérez de Villarreal, head of communication and marketing at Digitalde, as well as a consultant and instructor, will be in charge of preparing and delivering the course.

The overall purpose of the course is to understand how young people act on social media and how these networks influence them. The course’s goals are:

  • To assess the extent to which social media affect youths.
  • Provide people who work with youths the theoretical knowledge on the social media phenomenon and its impact on them.
  • Discover the key opportunities they can offer.
  • Be aware of the possible risks posed by their misuse or abuse and provide guidance regarding their responsible use.

 Brochure  (Avalaible in Basque language (pdf, 422 kb) (leiho berri batean irekitzen da)  and Spanish (pdf, 497 kb) (leiho berri batean irekitzen da)  

 Registrations forms will be available on 9 September.

Venue: Bilbao. Headquarters of the OVJ (Basque Youth Observatory). Huertas de la Villa, 11 bajo.

Date: 1, 8 and 15 October

Timetable: 09:30 to 13:30.

Language: BASQUE

Vacancies: a minimum of 15 people and a maximum of 25

Registration period: from 9 to 20 September

Sign up at: www.observatoriojuventud.euskadi.eus

 The course is free.

To sign up for the course you must fill in a form that will be available on 9 September (Please, check your data and, if correct, click on Confirm pre-registration).

  • Vacancies: a minimum of 15 people and a maximum of 20


 94 4031645

 Profile of participants: Priority will be given to people who work or cooperate with youths (in agencies, associations, public administrations, companies, educational centres, volunteers...) In addition, the order of registration will be taken into account.

  • Men and women dedicated to youth-related work (Youth Information, town councils, provincial councils and other entities)
  • Social and family educators
  • Secondary education counsellors.

The Basque Youth Observatory

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