Report: Youth Portraits 25 (2022)

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Report: Youth Portraits 25 (2022)Report: Youth Portraits 25 (2022). Available in Basque language and Spanish

This new report in the series 'Youth Portraits' is the 25th in the collection and it gathers the opinions and attitudes of the youth of the Basque Country aged 18 to 29 on politics and the situation both personally and in the Basque Country.

The Basque Youth Observatory has prepared this report based on data provided by the Sociological Prospecting Office of the Presidency of the Basque Government, specifically from the information collected by means of a survey for the elaboration of the Basque Sociometers that the Sociological Prospecting Office carried out during the past year 2022.

The fact that these data come from surveys carried out among the general population makes it possible to compare the responses of young people (18-29 years of age) with those of people over 29 years of age and thus see whether or not there are differences, and in what sense, between young people and the population aged 30 and over.

The aim is to give a complete picture of the opinions and attitudes of young people, not only a snapshot of the current situation, but also the evolution with respect to previous years and a comparison with the opinions and attitudes of the population aged 30 and over.