Publish date: 2013/09/30

Course: 'Practical entrepreneuring resources'

The course will be delivered in Spanish between November 6th and 13th, 2013 in Bilbao.

The Basque Youth Observatory is organising the course titled 'Practical entrepreneuring resources'. It will be imparted by Iñaki Lázaro, a founding member of Colectivia. As an instructor, he also cooperates in programmes related to corporate social networks, web promotion and digital marketing, in addition to entrepreneurship.

The course will be delivered in SPANISH

The general objective of the course is to provide practical information on entrepreneuring: from basic concepts on the motivation to take up entrepreneuring to the different types that exist in society, with particular attention to practical issues and case studies.    

 Information leaflet (pdf, 501 kb)

 The course will be held in:

  • Bilbao: Observatorio Vasco de la Juventud, Huertas de la Villa, 11 bajo. 6th and 13th November, 2013 
  • The course timetable will be from 09:00 to 14:00

 Registration: The course is free, but candidates must register.

  • Please note registration deadlines and the number of vacancies!

To register for the course, please fill-in the following FORM (Please, check the data and then click on "Confirm pre-registration").

  • Registration will be from 8th to 22nd October 
  • Vacancies: : 25

 94 4031645

 Profile of participants: priority will be given to people who work or cooperate with young people (in agencies, associations, public administrations, companies, educational centres, volunteers...):

  • Men and women dedicated to youth-related work (Youth Information, town councils, provincial councils and other entities)
  • Educators
  • Secondary education consultants

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