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The Basque Youth Observatory is publishing its latest report on emancipation

The Emancipation of Basque Youths 2017 'Emancipation of Basque Youths 2017' available in Spanish (pdf, 2 Mb) (leiho berri batean irekitzen da)  and Basque language (pdf, 2 Mb) (leiho berri batean irekitzen da)

The Basque Youth Observatory is publishing its latest research paper: 'The Emancipation of Basque Youths 2017'. This paper is number 15 of the Gazteak collection that addresses the situation of Basque youths from various points of view.

This new research paper by the Basque Youth Observatory studies, for the fourth time, the emancipation of young people living in the Basque Country and their access to housing. The existence of three prior studies conducted in 2011, 2013 and 2015 makes it possible to compare the evolution and trends of various aspects involved in young people leaving their family homes.

This report is based on almost 2000 interviews with people aged 16 to 34 and addresses issues, such as the difficulties in achieving independence, preferences regarding ways to access housing, the reasons they prefer to rent or buy, the economic effort required to leave the family home, coexistence models, access to subsidised housing, etc.

The research confirms that young people in the Basque Country are eager to leave home at a younger age than when they actually do. This reveals that the difficulties they encounter to leave home are still present, such as low wages, temporary jobs, and expensive housing, whether for rent or sale.

The Basque Youth Observatory

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