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65.3% of people aged 16 to 29 in the Basque Country live with their parents and have never left home

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This is one of the conclusions of the "The Emancipation of Basque Youths 2017” report recently published by the Basque Youth Observatory. This study is based on almost 2000 interviews with young people aged 16 to 34 residing in the Basque Country.

Distribution of young people aged 16 to 29 based on their situation regarding emancipation (%)

Source: Basque Youth Observatory (The Emancipation of Basque Youths 2017)

12.1% have left home at some point. The main reason for moving back in with their parents was finishing their studies and, therefore, this is not a situation in which they left home to work but because they were going to a university in a different city.

More than half of non-emancipated young people, however, are considering leaving home in the coming years if circumstances allow.

In general, only a minority of young people who still live with their parents contribute to the family expenses (only 10.3% do so regularly); however, this figure is greater logically if they work (30.9%).

Contribution of non-emancipated youths aged 16 to 29 to household expenses, based on main occupation (%)

Source: Basque Youth Observatory (The Emancipation of Basque Youths 2017)

Only a minority of the people in the 30 to 34 age group live with their parents. 17.1% of the people in this age group in the Basque Country still live at home with their parents and have never lived independently, while 6.8% have had to return to the family home after having lived on their own. Most of these people would like to leave home and plan to do so within the next three years. People in this age group display a greater wish to buy their future homes than people in the younger age group.

The complete report can be found on the Basque Youth Observatory’s website.

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