Compilation of the interviews conducted with teachers of face-to-face courses that have taken place in the OVJ in 2020

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  • ‘There is a great lack of knowledge about these issues and a lot of influence from the traditional macho discourse’Interview with Juan Manuel Feito Guerrero. 'Pedagogical Tools to Work with Adolescent Boys on Equality and Masculinity'
  • Although we find it hard to believe, young people still prioritise personal encounters over digital ones’Interview with Ane Ortíz Ballesteros. 'Sex Education: Committed to Quality Relationships’
  • 'The education of the sexes, which is based on opportunity, self-knowledge, personal skills and positive relationships'Interview with Maider García de Vicuña. Sex Education: Committed to Quality Relationships’
  • 'It is increasingly common to find underage and very young people seeking help to deal with online gaming and gambling or with possible addiction issues'. Interview with Estibaliz Ansotegi. 'Online gaming, gambling, social media... Addictions or legend?' 
  • 'Gender-based violence is a serious problem, but it is a social problem, it is not just a problem affecting young people'Interview with Eider Goiburu. 'Gender-Based Violence and Youth: Prevention Pills'
  • 'Inclusion is a process that always adds up and enriches'. Interview with the trainers of the course. ‘Inclusion of people with functional diversity (disability) in activities, programmes and services for young people'