• Youth expectation indicators 2019Youth expectation indicators 2019The Basque Youth Observatory is presenting the 7th edition of the study titled Aurrera Begira (Looking forward). Youth Expectation Indicators 2019. Available in Basque language and Spanish Ver más
  • Gazte-doc - NewsletterGazte.doc- NewsletterGazte-doc - Newsletter. This is a digital newsletter with information on our publications, the latest bibliographical acquisitions by the Documentation Centre, training projects, aid and grants...Ver más
  • Workshop: 'Gender-Based Violence and Youth'Workshop: 'Gender-Based Violence and Youth'Interview: 'Gender-based violence is a serious problem, but it is a social problem, it is not just a problem affecting young people'Ver más
  • Youth Indicators 2019Youth Indicators 2019'Indicadores de juventud 2019' (Youth Indicators 2019) available in Basque language and Spanish Ver más
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