Youth Policy: Introducting

1.- ¿What do we understand by Integral Youth Policy?

Integral youth policy covers, on the one hand, the measures taken to facilitate the integration of youth into society via the planning, carrying out and assessing transversal policies with regard to youth in order to promote youth emancipation and, on the other, the promotion of the status of youth by means of specific youth programmes, activities, services and facilities ? all of these carried out via processes and channels that favour youth participation. 

2.- ¿Who are we gearing it towards?

Youth includes those persons between 14 and 30 years of age for the conventional purposes of applying integral youth policy.

3.- The general principles of integral youth policy

  • Integral attention to the situation facing youth
  • Transversality
  • Equal opportunities
  • Respect for diversity and difference
  • Integration from the youth standpoint
  • Positive action
  • Removal of roles and stereotypes
  • Collaboration and coordination
  • PlanningProximity
  • Participation
  • Promotion of values?

4.- Duties of the Youth Bureau of the Basque Government

Decree on the Organic and Functional Structure of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies (available in Basque language and Spanish)

  • To promote policies aimed at making it possible for young people to suitably integrate into society, in collaboration with other public institutions and.
  • To develop integral youth policies by coordinating inter-institutional and inter-departmental working groups.
  • To gather and disseminate information and documentation that may raise awareness of the situation facing youth, and to carry out any research and studies in this field that may be deemed appropriate.
  • To analyse needs and put forward regulatory measures regarding children?s and youth policy, community development and leisure and relaxation of these sectors.
  • To draw up plans for socio-cultural promotion and those aimed at encouraging the social, cultural and educational use of leisure.
  • To carry out duties involving direct action over which the Public Administration of the Basque Autonomous Region (CAV) has jurisdiction with regard to:
    • Youth information and documentation, hostels and facilities for children and youth, youth tourism and other youth-related services.
    • European programmes for youth and youth exchange schemes.
    • Any other areas over which it has jurisdiction in the field of youth and community action.
  • To promote training and define the profile of those individuals who work in the education of children?s and young people?s free time, and on socio-cultural dynamization and in centres that provide services to children and young people.
  • To promote voluntary work, child and youth associationism and community development.
  • To cooperate with State, European and international institutions and entities which, owing to the issues involved, may be of common interest.
  • To develop these duties attached to the Basque Youth Observatory in order to monitor and develop integral youth policies.?

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