3,482 young people have responded to #DinosComoloLlevas, the Basque Youth Observatory's survey on coronavirus confinement. Thank you!

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#DinosComoloLlevas. Informe final

On March 20, the Basque Youth Observatory launched the #DinosComoloLlevas (#HowAreYouManaging) survey to obtain first-hand information on how young people aged 15 to 34 are handling the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

3,482 young people have responded to this survey, which reflects their concern about the consequences that the situation may have for their studies, work or chances of finding a job. In addition, they have shared their feelings regarding this situation, how this confinement has changed their routines, their participation in voluntary work or how they deal with hoaxes in social media.

The overwhelming response to the survey together with the thousands of comments left in writing, a total of 4,037, confirm that many young people wanted to make their voices heard at a time when society, as a whole, is experiencing an unprecedented situation.

The report we are announcing includes many of these comments. The selection we have made tries to reflect all the opinions you have left us in writing.

We hope you will find it interesting and useful.

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