The Basque Youth Observatory presents 'Aurrera Begira 2023. Youth Expectation Indicators'

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For eleven years, the Aurrera Begira study has been analysing how Basque youth perceive the present and their short-term expectations for the future. 

This study was designed as a synthetic instrument to measure the evolution of perceptions regarding issues of major concern to young people: employment, emancipation, parenthood, etc. 

6,737 surveys were conducted among young people aged 15 to 29 between 11th and 16th December 2023 to understand how they perceive these issues

 The results of the Aurrera Begira study are based on 10 indicators. The first three focus on assessing the present from a personal and collective point of view.

  1. Current situation assessment index
  2. Personal satisfaction index
  3. Assessment of vital aspects

Then, four indicators focus on job prospects:

  1. Risk of job loss or job insecurity
  2. Employment expectations
  3. Expectation of education-job match
  4. Expectation of forced migration

Indicators 8 and 9 address expectations concerning emancipation and parenthood: 

  1. Expectation of failed emancipation
  2. Delayed parenthood index

Finally, the tenth indicator looks at expectations concerning the personal future of young people and of the Basque Country in general: 

  1. Confidence in the future index

2023 displayed an improvement in the indicators

The results of Aurrera Begira 2023 show a general recovery of the indicators with regard to the previous year, although the pre-pandemic values have not been reached yet. Improvements have been made regarding the assessment of the present, personal satisfaction, expectations in relation to employment and emancipation, and confidence in the future.