Youth Policy: Mechanisms for the coordination and promotion of youth policies

1.- Planning

General plans regarding youth

The general youth plans include, in a coordinated and global manner, the lines of intervention and guidelines that orient the activity of the Basque public administrations in the field of youth. This information is available in Basque and Spanish and can be consulted at the following web sites:

2.- Programming

Strategic plans regarding youth

In developing the lines of intervention and guidelines for the general plan, each institution draws up and assesses its own strategic plan regarding legislature.

2002-2005: Programmatical document regarding the youth policy of Euskadi

3.- Assessment

 1st Euskadi Youth Plan: 

2nd Euskadi Youth Plan:


 Programme and assessment by departments


4.- Bodies of representation, coordination and promotion of the integral youth policy

Governing Body of the Youth Plan

This is the consultative body for the integral youth policy of Basque Public Administration ? in other words, of the transversal policies aimed at promoting youth emancipation and the policies regarding the promotion of the status of youth, including youth participation.

Sectorial committees or commissions

Sectorial committees have the following objectives:

  • To promote reflection on the part of each department about the competences and responsibility involved in promoting youth emancipation.
  • To promote sectorial policies linked to youth policy.
  • To study the commitments of each department in depth.
  • To establish the resources deemed necessary.
  • To promote the annual programming of each department.
  • To provide an assessment from the point of view of each department.
  • To articulate the coordination of youth policy with plans regarding employment, education, housing and the information society.

Inter-departmental and inter-institutional technical commission on Youth   


  • To coordinate the gathering of data in order to draw up the annual programming of commitments on the part of the relevant institution or department.
  • To coordinate the gathering of data in order to draw up the annual assessment of commitments programmed.
  • To assess and analyse the impact, needs, problems and coordination of the different types of intervention with regard to youth.
  • To design those actions involving dissemination, research and social debate, etc., via the  development of seminars and conferences, and the publishing of texts and documents, etc.

Working groups


  • To draw up models for the development of positive action regarding the responsibility of various institutions and departments.
  • To devise common tools for programming and assessment.
  • To assess youth policy.
  • To draw up proposals for youth plans and programmes.

The Basque Youth Observatory

The Basque Youth Observatory has been devised as a specific service aimed at making it possible to obtain a global and permanent overview of the situation and evolution of the world of youth that may enable the impact and effect of activities carried out in Euskadi in general by public administration with competences regarding youth to be assessed - and in particular by the Administration of the Autonomous Region of Euskadi.

Broadly speaking, the Basque Youth Observatory performs duties regarding research, information, documentation, statistics, dissemination, training and advice in areas concerned with youth. Likewise,  it promotes the qualification of personnel, thus ensuring basic, regular and permanent training in youth-related matters.

It is aimed at:

  • Political and technical heads of the Departments of the Basque Government, Provincial Councils and Town Councils with regard to youth-related policies.
  • Professionals from public and private entities that carry out their activity with the world of youth.

Order dated 10th December, issued by the Minister of Culture, whereby the Basque Youth Observatory is set up and its duties determined 

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