Featured articles in summer: Diversity is a treasure that requires equal treatment; Empathetic listening in the judicial assessment of the testimonies of adolescent victims of sexual abuse; children with gender dysphoria

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Featured articles in summer

EL GHARBI, S., 2022. Diversity is a treasure that requires equal treatment. Quaderns de la Mediterrània = Cuadernos del Mediterráneo, no. 34, ISSN 1577-9297

Currently, governmental and local policies face the challenge of promoting and creating gender-sensitive mechanisms and spaces that allow citizens from diverse backgrounds to contribute to social dialogue and discourse, and to political decision-making. However, the fact today is that effective and appropriate responses to the challenges of diversity, which are sometimes urgently needed, are not forthcoming, despite the good intentions of certain political discourses. This often ends up damaging the image of citizens from different origins. Many of these people do not identify with political activism beyond the sphere of immigration, and the few who dare to participate in politics and civil society in the country where they live are pigeonholed by their cultural or religious background. Therefore, flexible policies must be implemented to enable effective and egalitarian inclusion, starting with reforming the law on foreigners. Only by putting fear aside will we be able to confront the totalitarian and discriminatory discourse that is spreading in Europe and Spain.

LIBERA MEDINA, S.Ó., 2022. Empathetic listening in the judicial assessment of the testimonies of child and adolescent victims of intrafamilial sexual abuse. Documentos de trabajo social: Revista de trabajo y acción social, no. 65, ISSN 1133-6552

This article aims to provide an account of the critical points in the judicial assessment of the testimony of child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse as a crime that originates and replicates in the family context. In relation to this, empathic listening is proposed as a principle for the professional practice of those working in the field of justice and the protection of children's and adolescents' rights. It seeks to promote a critical understanding of the right to be heard in judicial proceedings from a victim-centred and child-centred approach to mitigate secondary victimisation. Accordingly, it describes the phases that make up the criminal process and the role of social workers in these judicial instances.

MIRANDA NOVOA, M., 2022. Gender-affirming treatment of children with gender dysphoria and the validity of informed consent. Cuadernos de bioética, vol. 33, no. 107, ISSN 1132-1989, 2386-3773

In pediatric medical practice, there are cases of children under 18 with gender dysphoria or gender discordance, characterised by an inconsistency between biological sex and perceived gender. As a result, the medical and legal possibility of initiating gender-affirming treatment for children and adolescents is offered. Although the therapy indicated to achieve this goal has been endorsed by some scientific associations, it has also been the subject of serious concerns about the potential irreversibility of the procedures carried out on the body. For this reason, although the law acknowledges a certain degree of autonomy for minors to decide to undergo gender affirming treatments, a lack of maturity to understand and accept the information provided could call into question the validity of informed consent.

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