Articles of interest - Historical


The Basque Youth Observatory highlights three articles from among the documents it analyses on a monthly basis. With this historical collection, it is possible to consult those that have been proposed over the years.

Historical collection of highlighted articles 2024

  • April 2024 featured articles: Are Young People at the Root of the Rise of Misogyny in Spain?; From the Dark Side of Technological Habits; Dolors Reig, on “The Artificial (Intelligence) Criterium” and Youth

  • March 2024 featured articles: denial of gender-based violence; mobile phones at school; Basque tiktokers

  • February's featured articles: impact of expectations of success in science and technology on study choice; content generated by young people on social network X; mental health of children of migrant parents

  • January's featured articles: Demographic Challenge, Migrating and Rootedness of Rural Youth; Spanish youths feel vulnerable in the online environment; interview: experts in the use of mobile phones

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