Historical list of statistical data. Year 2010


Historical list of statistical data that form part of the Basque Youth Observatory indicator system. Year 2010


 Who will win this year: Olentzero or the Magi? (pdf, 20 kb)

Over the last decade, the level of trust young people from the Basque Autonomous Region have displayed in the institutions has fallen (pdf, 45 kb)

18 December: International Migrants Day (pdf, 19 kb)

 December 10: Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (pdf, 14 kb)

December 5th. International Volunteer Day (pdf, 34kb)

 In the Basque Autonomous Region, 38% of domestic violence cases are perpetrated against women under 31 years of age (pdf, 14 kb)

 Perception of Science and Technology among young people in the Basque Country and Navarre (pdf, 14 kb)

 More than half of young people in the Basque Autonomous Region are in favour of a total ban of smoking in closed public spaces (pdf, 14 kb)

 42.9% of Basque youths receive most of their income from their family or spouses compared to 31% of youths in the EU-27 (pdf, 57 kb)

 The number of young wage-earners fell by 14,400 people in 2009 compared to 2008 (pdf, 20 kb)

 The unemployment rate affecting young people has increased by 8.2% in one year and now stands at 15.5% (pdf, 27 kb)

 Eight out of every ten youths state that young people should be consulted before any public decision that affects them is made  (pdf, 64 kb)

 A 75.3% fall in the number of young people killed in traffic accidents since 1993 (pdf, 65 kb)


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